Global Switch London 2

Global Switch London 2 is Europe's largest purpose-built data centres with a gross size of 705,498 sq ft. The Tier-4 facility is located in the heart of the UK's internet infrastructure, and is underpinned by a minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling systems, delivering an optimal operating environment to clients 24x7.

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Global Switch London 2: CCU Units    Global Switch London 2: Racks    Global Switch London 2: Racks    Global Switch London 2: Servers & Lockable Racks    Global Switch London 2: Servers & Lockable Racks

Building Specifications
  • Purpose built datacentre from ground up.
  • Gross area: 705,498 sq ft.
  • Steel frame, concrete floors, metal faced cladding and glazing.
  • Typical floor loading of 10kN/m2.
  • 5m slab to slab height equating to 4.25m clear height to underside of deepest beam.
  • Raised floors with anti-static tiles and a minimum height of 600mm installed in fully fitted areas, providing minimum clear height of 3.65m to underside of deepest beam.
  • Column spacing primarily based on a 6m grid additional info.
  • Passenger lifts x 6 (8 people max per lift).
  • Goods lift (7.5 tonnes).
Controlled Environment
  • Minimum N+N resilience on chilled water cooling system.
  • Temperature in technical space maintained at 22ºC
  • Humidity range of 50% (+/-10%) in technical areas.
  • Up to 25 air cooled chillers installed, supplying 1.4MW of cooling per chiller.
  • Close control units (CCUs) provide conditioned air to technical space.
  • Diverse chilled water distribution pipe work (ring main type) throughout facility.
  • Minimum N+N redundancy on power supply.
  • Mains power supplied via 2 x 132kV incomers.
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed via 11kV ring main units.
  • 3.1MW of power per floor plate.
  • Power/cooling systems supported by up to 33 no-break RotaryDiesel UPS sets.
  • On-site diesel tanks (4 x 119,000 litres) support 50 hours at full capacity with 8 hour, 24x7 fuel delivery callout contract in place.
Fire Detection & Suppression
  • Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual break-glass units.
  • Very early smoke detection and alarm system (VESDA) in the return air-flow of CCUs.
  • Gas suppression system using centrally stored Inergen to technical and selected landlord areas.
  • Sprinklers in corridors and selected plant rooms, with water ingress protection and monitoring provided where required.
  • Dry risers to all floors.
  • Smoke and gas extraction.
  • Access to multiple telecommunications providers located in dedicated Meet Me Rooms (MMRs), via diverse dedicated connections.
  • Diverse cable entry points (x4) with combination of 110mm ducts and 32mm sub ducts.
  • Basket trays in three-sided format to all data risers – fully access controlled.
  • Multiple connection points to each suite
  • Roof space availability for satellite & antennae equipment within Global Switch.
  • Direct interconnects to over 30 datacentres across Europe.
Building Management
  • Dedicated 24x7 facilities management team.
  • BMS system monitors M&E operation within facility to:
    • ensure stability of the environment.
    • monitor key electrical and mechanical systems.
    • enable interface between key systems.
    • provide data gathering.
    • interlink life safety systems in the event of fire alarm activation
  • Premises Controllers manage facility security 24x7.
  • Access control using proximity card readers.
  • Intruder alarms to all areas with external infra-red barrier.
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior).
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area.
  • Biometric hand scanners at suite doors.
  • Mantraps deployed at main entrance

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